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Bachelor of Science Prep

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University Prep options are study plans created by our Student Advisors to help you choose the best courses for transfer to your program or university of choice. Our Student Advisors can develop a transfer plan with you from NIC to just about anywhere.

The Bachelor of Science Prep study plan is designed to meet the general first-year course requirements of degree programs province-wide. Our Student Advisors will work with you to personalize this plan to meet your personal interests, goals, and university of choice.

Prep offers a great deal of flexibility. Students can choose their preferred courses, making it possible to concentrate studies in one specific area or explore a variety of subjects to meet the requirements of their receiving institution.

University transfer course subjects may include: anthropology, biology, business, chemistry, criminology, economics, English, equity and social justice, fine arts, First Nations studies, French, geography, history, mathematics, philosophy, physics, political science, psychology, sociology, space science and astronomy, Spanish, or women's studies.

To qualify as a transfer student, many universities require a minimum of 8 courses (24 credits) and a specific grade point average. The Bachelor of Science Prep study plan usually outlines 30 course credits, which may be taken on a full- or part-time basis.

Options are also available for completing a second year of university transfer coursework at NIC. Ask your Student Advisor about the transfer benefits of completing a 2-year Associate of Science degree.

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