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Bachelor of Arts Degree - Vancouver Island University/North Island College 'Co-Admissions' Option

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Beginning in September 2010, NIC and VIU will begin a partnership to offer NIC students access to a Bachelor of Arts degree, allowing students to move freely and easily between both institutions to complete their degree requirements. The Registrar's Offices at both NIC and VIU will automatically track student progress, students will have access to support services at both institutions, and BC student loan funding will be based on the combined credits at both institutions. Students will be able to complete their degree from home, and move between the two institutions with no administrative inconveniences.

In any given semester, students will have the opportunity to study at NIC, at VIU, or at both. At the end of each semester, each student's grades will be automatically passed along to the other partner school. Courses will be assessed and transfer credit will be awarded. There will be no need for students to order transcripts or make any additional requests. Advisors at both NIC and VIU will be available to assist.

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